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All About Me

Every since I can remember there have been dogs in my life.  I grew up playing with my dad's hounds and Beagles.  I saw my first Australian Shepherd around 1984 and feel in love with the breed the first time I saw one.  At that moment my husband and I began looking for one for our own.  We rescued a two year old blue merle and that was the began of our story.

I began to compete in dog sports in 2000.  My dog sport passion is Agility. I either compete or have competed in the following dog sports in addition to Agility:  Barn Hunt, Conformation, Obedience, Rally and Stock.

Pixie is the first dog I have every competed Barn Hunt with.  She really loves Barn Hunt.  You can see the happiness when she leaves the the start box.

Flaire is my little stock dog.  My friend Laura Clayton has trialed Flaire in stock for me and the two of them have earned her started Sheep and Duck titles, she is one leg away from her Cattle title.

I worked as a programmer/analyst for over 30 years.  I currently work as a inside sales person, but do plan to go back into the computer field.

I sell haircare and skin products, I also serve as an Agility trial secretary to help support my dog sports.

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