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Puppies November 2022

Glow november 9 2022.jpg

Glow 3:16 Send the Fire to Wonderdog
Lives at 3:16 in Alabama


Cheeze november 2022 -2.jpg

Cheeze - 316 Just Say Cheeze at Wonderdog
Lives in Illinois with Alissa Behn

Maverick november 2022.jpg

Maverick - 3:16 Capture the crown @ Wonderdog
Lives with Deborah & Gary Anderson in Tennessee

Suri November 2022.jpg

Suri - 3:16 I'm Coming for my Crown at Wonderdog
Lives with Hohyun Lee in Georgia

Doc November 2022.jpg

Doc - 3:16 Medicine Man of Wonderdog
Lives with Rhonda and Joey Kelmer in


Goose 3:16 Talk To Me Goose At Wonderdog
Lives with Darshana & Raley Maddox in Alabama

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